Monday, November 3, 2008

Like Bookstores? Legacy Books in Plano.

Independent bookstores are not exactly a growth industry. Locally owned stores like the former Barbers bookstore in downtown Fort Worth are long gone, squeezed on one side by the national chains and the other side by Amazon and the like.

For those of us who enjoy relaxing in a bookstore, Barnes and Noble and Borders is pretty much all we have. But Borders is in financial trouble, losing $300 million last year and closing stores, and Barnes & Noble is not doing well, either (down 10% this quarter). But one company's struggles are another company's opportunities, and in this case, the opportunity is there for the locally owned and operated bookstore.

Legacy Books is one such store. It is a new, independent, retail store with about 100,000 titles, the size of the average Barnes & Noble.

I mention Legacy in the hope that the independent bookstore, large or small, returns to the area, even if the first one in DFW is not in Fort Worth.

Legacy Books Grand Opening:
When: Tuesday, Nov. 11, 7:30 p.m.
Where : Legacy Books, 7300 Dallas Parkway, Plano
Cost: Free
Location: northeast corner of the Dallas North Tollway and Legacy Drive, occupying a three-level store in the newest section of the Shops at Legacy.


Kenny said...

I would spend 3 of every 5 lunch hours in Barbers. I really miss it

Well, and I miss where I would eat before going into Barber's,the legendary Burger and Shake, used to be at around 7th and Throckmorton. Man was that place awesome. Best greasy burgers in FTW, string fries, and awesome shakes. Rude waitresses. Just the best. Been gone for a long time now (7-9 years, maybe. It's a parking lot now, or was. Frikin people sometimes.

I wish I had known it was getting torn down all those years ago, I would have made an offer on the grill and shake mixers.

Kenny said...

Shut down August 30th, 1997. Had been there in Downtown since 1956. There is a post here, or series, Fran. Most-missed eateries.

Francis Shivone said...

Kenny -- when we first moved to Fort Worth I would visit on a Saturday or Sunday and spend an hour or two. I did that for many years and bought quite a few books there.

Never ate at the burger place.

Love the "most missed" eateries idea. Will come soon. Actually, if you write it I'll post it.

Bradford said...

Can anyone provide a history for Barber's Books of Fort Worth, and information pertaining to supposed hauntings and apparitions within the book store?

Francis Shivone said...

I am sure if you posted that question on various Fort Worth blogs, such as the ones I have listed, you could get a good answer to your question. I know the family that owned the store remained in Fort Worth after the sale. I did have one weird experience on a Sunday visit. I went to the store and the door was open but no one was in the store. I found a policeman, told him about it and took off.