Thursday, November 13, 2008

How to Lose Weight. Maybe.

I have decided at the ripe old age of 56 that there is only one way for me to lose weight: stop eating, anything. Ever.

In order for me to lose 1 pound per week, given my age and other incidentals, I am allowed to consume 1,800 kilo-calories a day. That's not much.

A quarter-pounder meal at McDonald's would be well over half of that. The cookies that sit temptingly at the Central Market check out counter? 800 calories each. Two of those babies and I am done for the day.

But really the problem is that there is no guarantee that, even given this effort, the pounds will come off. To the contrary, last week, after 7 days of 1800 k/cals a day, (did I say that wasn't much?) my scale moved nary a notch. Which means, they say, that I need to drop consumption to around 1600 calories a day -- which brings me back to my introductory conclusion:

I might as well stop eating at all. Really. Bummer.


Becca said...

I feel your pain really I do. First off, I'm female, and it just seems to be more difficult for us. Second, although I know 31 isn't exactly the ripe old age, I am certainly noticing the differences from when I was 25. I don't even know how many calories I should be consuming, but I do know I nibble on central market cookies much more often than I should.

Francis Shivone said...

Thanks for the comment Becca. Hope you and Jake enjoyed the victory a couple weeks ago, the Dem. party, and not too much food.

David R said...

I have a pretty high metabolism but when I really need to lose weight its at the very least a three week commitment before I see any results. I can eat perfect and do cardio every day but I lose nothing after week one, I lose nothing after week two but after week three the weight starts pouring off. I'm 43 and starting again next week...we'll see how this goes.

Francis Shivone said...

David R. Thanks. Probably true, I seldom make it that far, which is the problem, I think.

Becca said...

We did enjoy our victory, and I think I have the same problem as you when it comes to David's suggestion. Good luck to you. I start again this week.

Francis Shivone said...

I am starting as well. I have done it before, so here we go ----

"Honey, I'mm hooommee, hide the bread."