Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Sock/Time Problem.

While getting dressed this morning, and already late for work, I pulled two similar but different socks out of the drawer. I discovered the difference after being seated to don the misfits, and after having one foot socked. I do not mind telling you that I like properly fitting socks so this was a sock vs. time dilemma. I could get up, spend another 5 minutes finding the one I needed, or go the rest of the day with, not just mismatched socks, but one sock which was too small.

This is a problem because I do not like to be late and because I do like socks.

The effective cause of my dilemma is the plethora of socks from which one can choose these days. Years ago, when J.C. Penney, my sock merchant of choice, had only one sock specie, and 3 sub-specie colors, I had no problem at all -- the worst that could happen was mismatching a black and a blue. But, since Penney's, et. al., began carrying hundreds of species I have been forced to experiment and have yet to find my way back home.

I know -- sad but true.

I do have one pair of socks that I love. They are running socks used only for the running event day. In each pair, there is a right foot orientation sock and a left foot orientation sock, making them fit snugly, plus just the right amount of padding at heal and ball of foot. I wonder why someone hasn't applied that idea for everyday-use business socks?

I don't know, but until they do, I will miss the old black, acrylic, crew sock that had the right amount of padding, stayed in place on the calf, and were easy to find on the JC Penny display.

Oh, the good times . . .

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