Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fort Worth Breakfast Drive-thru's.

Today's Fort Worth Star Telegram has a review of Fort Worth's fast-food "breakfast drive-thru's". The usual suspects were reviewed, McDonald's, Burget King, Jack in the Box, etc. I have visited all of them except Jack in the Box, because I did not know Jack in the Box had breakfast, and Sonic, because, well, I just don't go to Sonic.

Years ago my my favorite good/bad breakfast was a cinnamon cake donut (or two) and a pint of chocolate milk.

Today, I stop on occasion for an egg sandwich but for the most part they have lost their appeal, because they, McDonald's et alli, have decided that it is impossible to maintain consistency of product by having cooks actually cook the eggs on site, so everything is frozen and warmed, then served, and it is just bad food. At one time the Egg Mc-muffin was delicious, and their steak and fried onion on a bagel was as good of a sandwich as you could get. Now they are tasteless. My son likes the McGriddle, the Star/Telegram reviewer did not. I have never had one.

There is one fast food exception to the pre-cooked trend and that is What-a-burger, which the Star/Telegram reviewer did not mention. Their breakfast burrito, the last of which I had about a year ago, was very good.

I will say McDonald's has improved their coffee. Then again, it couldn't have gotten much worse.

If you don't mind me bragging a bit, I think I make the best toasted bagel/cheese/bacon breakfast sandwich in the whole world. Yes, the whole world.

The Star-Telegram article:


cdees39 said...

Oh honey-- Breakfast Jacks, Supreme Croissant AND Jumbo Jack with Cheese, plain are my favorite 3 fast food breakfast items.

I also like What a burgers Tacquitos and their Chicken Biscuits.

Francis Shivone said...

cdeed39 -- thanks for the suggestion. I'll try it . . .

Kenny said...

Chick-fil-a has good b'fast biscuits as well.

And why don't you go to Sonic?

Francis Shivone said...

Chick-fil A started their breakfasts after I was a potential customer but I am one of the few non Chick Fil A lovers in my family, anyway.

I'm not sure what the appeal of Sonic is? I have been maybe three times and it is always bad.

I am missing something?