Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Trinity Uptown

The really big news in Fort Worth, development wise, is Trinity Uptown and the whole Trinity River Vision. The Star Telegram reported, a couple days ago, that the federal agency responsible for funding released the $500 million or so to get started on necessary river redirection. When the whole project is completed Fort Worth will look and feel like a different place because a new section of the city will have been added, something many cities can not conceive of doing.

Older cities develop character over time and Fort Worth is no different. What is different in Fort Worth, and a few other western cities, is that they are still growing and growing rapidly. Politicians, historians, and philosophers debate on the best kind of development, how much should come from the natural interests of residents and how much the local governments should be involved, but none of that debate matters if no one wants to live there in the first place. Migration to the west and south continues steadily for many reasons: jobs, climate, and affordable land, to name a few. We have those same amenities that attract business and the job hunter. The Trinity River Vision adds to them.

Fom the Star Telegram article:

Trinity Uptown is an 1,800-acre flood control and economic development project that stretches from a mostly industrial no-man’s land on the city’s near north side to the green spaces in Gateway Park on the east side.

It includes construction of a bypass channel and a Town Lake just north of downtown to help control flooding, as well as restoration of damaged Trinity River ecosystems and expansion of Gateway Park amenities

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