Tuesday, September 30, 2008

That's Sarah . . . with an "H"

What should Sarah Palin do?

That's the question the politically curious are asking. Dems are asking it with glee, Republicans with apprehension.

I have a suggestion. . . Nothing.

I like her just the way she is. Unpolished, passionate, authentic. Will it sell to the general public? Maybe not, if it doesn't, trying to be a Republican Hillary isn't going to work either.

I say, talk about what matters to you. Talk about your vision, what contribution you can make to the public good and why your vision is better than the other guys, knowing that you had much to learn, even when you accepted the offer. Make sure everyone knows that you love the opportunity you have been given and accept the criticism that accompanies the opportunity.

America's great Presidents have not been the sharpest knives in the drawer. The idea that the President or vice-President has to be an economist, a foreign affairs analyst and a rhetorician is just wrong. The opposite is more likely true.

Let SNL, Leno and Letterman have their fun. It's equal-opportunity fun making.

I do have one suggestion for Governor Palin: after you introduce yourself, say, "that's Sarah . . . with an H" . . . Chump.

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