Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The 20 Best Steaks in America ?

Did you read the Esquire Magazine/Yahoo article on the 20 Best Steaks in America? I clicked on it to see if any Texans made the list and to see how many of these establishments I had frequented. I stopped around number 15:

Paris Coffee Shop
on Magnolia in Fort Wort, Texas. For the chicken fried steak.

I was feeling kind of chuffed for old Fort Worth until read a little further and found Pat's Cheesesteaks in Philadelphia and realized the writer doesn't know his steaks. Pat's is the one of the most popular cheesesteak establishment in Philadelphia, but it is nowhere near the best. Tony Luke's is much better, as well are dozens of others that serve the real thing.

I'll take the Fort Worth compliment nevertheless (though I preferred the Black Eyed Pea's chicken fried steak). In case you didn't see it here's the review of Paris Coffee Shop:
There's no resisting the conceit of a dish like chicken-fried steak, which begins with a lesser cut of meat that's pounded into oblivion. Once tenderized, it's battered and deep-fried, and comes out a minor wonder of everyman cuisine. The Paris, a booth-and-counter diner, is the kind of place to eat it. Preferably followed by a slice of warm custard pie. 700 West Magnolia Avenue; 817-335-2041.
Speaking of steaks, I am looking forward to trying the new Ruth's Chris. Years ago, I always loved going to Lawry's in Dallas for the Prime Rib, but the best steak I have ever had was from Papa's Steaks in Dallas.

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Rambler said...

My dad was on first names with Mike at the Paris, but it has never been my favorite. I'll make it a point to check out the CFS, but it will have to go far to beat a few others I could name, like West Side Cafe. The old Massey's was better, too, although they aren't that reliable on anything anymore (though when they are good...).