Saturday, August 16, 2008

Not a Bad Idea.

A two person membership at the Kimbell Art Museum is $100. One of the benefits to that membership is docent guided tours of certain exhibitions. Something I think the average thoughtful person would enjoy and if you visit the Kimbell a couple times a year anyway, it pays for itself.

This morning at 11:00 is a guided Impressionists Tour, and next Friday evening at 6:00 is a lecture from the Art and Aesthetics professor from the University of Texas.

Space is limited; reserve in advance by calling 817-332-8451, ext.


Rambler the Fort Worth Boy said...

Typically, I buy a membership when a big show comes around, then forget to renew a year later. But it really is worth it, even if you don't make your money back, the Kimball is well worth supporting. Makes me proud to live in Fort Worth.

Francis Shivone said...

I agree with all.Thanks.