Saturday, August 23, 2008

Congratulations . . .

. . . it's about time.

We Delawareans have long awaited a Presidential ticket associated with a native son . . . as in 220 years. Senator Biden was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania but grew-up in Delaware and has represented his state in the Senate for over 30 years.

Senator Biden graduated from a rival Catholic boy's school in Wilmington, Delaware. He attended Archmere, I went to Salesianum (Sallies). The two schools were never particularly friendly to one another and sometimes downright hostile, to the point when meeting someone from Archmere today, I am often the recipient of a snide remark about Sallies always beating them in football, basketball, baseball . . . and on it goes. We did mostly win, but to be fair we had two or three times the students.

I think Senator Biden is an excellent choice for the Democrats and I wish him well. This time, his team's chance of winning is much better than mine.


Rambler the Political Consultant (not) said...

The last time we elected two senators on a ticket was 1960 (1964was a special case), and that just barely. Since then, we have elected vice-presidents 3 times and governors 7 times. Were I Senator Obama, I would have looked to a governor.

But that's just me.

Francis Shivone said...

The 2 Senators thing is a problem, but I think Biden balances out Obama's deficiencies. Electorally, it gives him a state that was "on the bubble" in PA. If Biden helps and gives him FL, this thing is over.