Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Visiting Fort Worth or the White Cliffs

I was getting frustrated recently doing travel research on southern England. The wife and I are planning a trip that includes hiking from one town to the next. She's a Brit and has some idea of where to go but not the specifics. I did the typical Google search looking for reviews of hotels, hiking paths, points of interest and restaurants.

The bothersome part is the dozens of junk websites that are compilations of places no one has visited or reviewed personally. Lots of semi-related links, ads and a very confusing format. I am looking for blogs or websites like the ones we have in Fort Worth, opinions of people living there or who visit often. I don't mind if it is a for profit website as long as I can get an opinion of a real person. I don't mind if I disagree with the writer about what is good and what is bad, just give me an opinion and why.

It got me thinking, when someone visits us in Fort Worth, where do I take them? Here are a few places on the top of our list:

* Sundance Square
* Mi Cocina's
* Charlie's Pizza
* Stockyards
* Trinity Railway Express (Train to Dallas)
* T&P Train Station (now Texas & Pacific Lofts)
* Fort Worth Zoo
* Central Market
* Trinity River Walk and Bike Path
* Botanic Gardens
* Kimble Art Museum
* Modern Art Museum
* Bass Hall
* Montgomery Plaza and 7th Street

Now if I can just find a website in southern England with the same kind of suggestions . . .

(Any other "must sees" in Fort Worth?)


Dena said...

I just always try to take people to non chain eateries when I entertain out-of-towners and always try to navigate down the prettier streets (avoiding highways).

People usually want to eat tex-mex food when they get here so I like to take them to La Familia. Mmmmm...

It looks like a great list!

Rambler said...

I have always found the information in Triple A literature helpful and reliable. Do they have an English branch?

You've probably done this, but I googled "walking tours of southern england" and came up with some interesting sites and links to books.

Francis Shivone said...

The triple A in G Britain is just AA and Marian worked for them for about 6 months. It's like something out of a 19th century novel.

I'll do a search using your phrase. Thanks. And I hate to admit it but I didn't even think of looking at the Barnes and Noble or Amazon.


WickeDeli said...

Soon a cool place to visit / dine will be WickeDeli! Thanks again for adding our blog to your blog...we will continue to keep everyone updated on our opening.

Tatiana (Owner)