Friday, August 22, 2008

Hatch Chiles . . . as if you didn't know.

August 22 - 24
Central Market
Today through Sunday.

Walk, run, bicycle, even drive if you have to, but get one of the hatch chili sausage wraps at Central Market. You'll be glad you did.

If you're fat, they'll make you thin. The unattractive become beautiful -- and smart, even the slow of speech turn oratorical after just one bite of a Central Market Hatch Chili Sausage wrap.

Hatch chili sausage wraps -- the best darn things since Cracker Jacks.

I love them and you will, too.

Honest John


Anonymous said...

I've been sampling, at least once a day, new Hatch product from CM.

The Hatch Chile tortillas made fresh are KILLER!

That is all...

Becca said...

We also tried the hatch chili burger, and made some hatch chili quesidilla's the other night(with the tasty hatch chili tortilla's). I think maybe if you wrapped jake up in a pastry shell, you might be able to call him a hatch chili sasuage roll!

Francis Shivone said...

Becca / Jake -- very funny and true.
Just the thought of a Hatch chili quesadilla makes me hungry.

My daughter, also Becca, said it's it's been a good year for Hatch chili's.

Man I miss them.


fwtacoma said...

What section are these amazing things found? The meat section or the ready to eat section?

Also, it may be too much awesome for one meal, but CM has a chipotle cheddar cheese that is perfect for making quesadillas. Although with all the hatch, it may not work.

Rambler said...

There's a big display of Hatch chili products right inside the front door and I think some fresh HC's in the produce section. I was on a mission and just noticed the displays up front. But, obviously, I need to make another run that way.

Francis Shivone said...

This weekend they should have all the products and samples either in the parking lot or near entrance. At least that's how it's been the last few years.

Rambler said...

The products are all through the store. The wraps, burgers, and roasted chilis are on the patio.

Yes, the wraps are wonderful. I heartily recommend spreading the tortillas with some of the Hatch Chili Pepper dip.