Friday, August 1, 2008

A Hard Day's Night

usic appreciation
is a very personal concern. The following comments are as objective as I can be -- because, I was a fan, from 1964 and on.

"And here they are . . . the Beetlls."If you are old enough you remember the odd pronunciation of Ed Sullivan as he introduced them to America on Sunday evening prime time television. It was madness. By 1970, when they dis-banded, there wasn't a venue big enough to hold fans for a Beatles concert. It is difficult to imagine a group being that kind of musical phenomenon, now 40 years later. Sergeant Peppers changed popular music maybe as much as Elvis did. Many of us can still recite the entire album by heart, or close to it. The album covers of Peppers, Abbey Road and the White Album are commonly recognized even today. A few of their songs approach a kind of greatness that very few songs reach. Let It Be and While My Guitar Gently Weeps come to mind. This was music that was liked, that was genuine, and which was not just popular with an age group, but nearly defined them. Sinatra and Elvis are the only others that fit that category in the 20th century. More recently, the Dave Matthews Band reminds me of the Beatles, but has never reached the broad popularity that was achieved by the above mentioned three, though I think his music is almost as good.

The Tribute concert at Bass Hall tonight and tomorrow night is kind of ironic considering what the Beatles represented in their last few years of performing, that is, anything but the comfortable lifestyles of we 50 plusers, but it does say, again like Elvis and the Chairman, people will be singing their music and reminding us of them for a long time to come.

I wish them well. "Yesterday, all my troubles seem so far away . ."


1964 -- The Tribute
Bass Hall
August 1 - August 2
"The resemblance was uncanny -- it sent shivers down my spine. It was just like the boys. Never have I seen another group go to such detail. Born again Beatles!" -- Alistair Taylor, former President of Apple Records

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