Thursday, July 3, 2008

Zeke's: Real Fish & Chips.

Guest post by longtime local food enthusiast, AndrewS

When I was England, I lived on fish & chips. Sure, there were lots of pubs and Indian restaurants that probably had better food, but every time I was hungry, all I wanted was fish and chips. It's hard to say why, really. The fish is just a fried piece of cod, and the chips are just soggy french fries. Yet, when put together with some malt vinegar and salt, the dish becomes irresistible.

There are lots of fauz-pubs in Fort Worth that try to re-create fish and chips, but they all fail in my book. The fish always tastes like those baked fish sticks your mom (or at least my mom) used to make, and they almost never give you malt vinegar. Needless to say, I never order fish & chips at the faux-pubs.

Really the only place to eat fish & chips in Fort Worth is Zeke's on Camp Bowie. There, they give you huge slabs of fresh cod with malt vinegar, fries, and just about any other fried dish you could ask for. So, if you can't afford to fly to England, but you really want fish & chips, go to Zeke's.

Zeke's Fish and Chips
5920 Curzon Ave
Fort Worth, TX 76107


Rambler said...

I drove by Zeke's yesterday and thought of you. But, I must say your mom was really industrious to make fish sticks. We had the frozen fish sticks. Wretched! :-)

Francis Shivone said...

Rambler -- I hate to say it but so did he.