Monday, July 28, 2008

South of the Red River.

A couple weeks ago I received an email from a representative of the Texas Beef Council with a request to try one of their beef-centered recipes. Included, if I accept, $25 for the groceries. I said sure, free groceries or not, because I eat beef almost every day and because I liked the way they asked -- plus, any friend of a cheeseburger is a friend of mine.

When you grow up in a small state, as I did, the existence of a Beef Council for a state gets your attention. I'm sure Wisconsin has a cheese council, Nebraska a corn council and California . . . a nut council (sorry, I couldn't resist) . . .

Thankfully, we have a beef council and the recipe for the steak salad is a good one. So, I am happy to pass it on and their website. I added yellow "banana" peppers and a pickled jalepeno for a little more heat. The marinade makes the steak very tasty, and the tortilla chips add a nice crunch.

Here's the link to the recipe for the Gazpacho salad (the recipe I chose): My thanks to the Texas Beef Council:


While I'm talking about Texas organizations --- for the dancers out there, the Texas Dance Hall Preservation Society sends me their newsletter every month. I know visitors to Fort Worth and Texas stop by this site after a web search -- if you are looking for a taste of Texas outside the big city, get off the freeways and visit a place like Luchenbach or Gruene.

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