Monday, July 7, 2008

Rice Pudding.

Flickr photo, by Almoko

Rambler's comment on those nasty, frozen fish-sticks got me thinking about a few foods I did not like as a child. Fortunately, I can not think of too many, partly because my mother was a good cook, and partly because we were not (generally) forced to eat food we disliked.

Which brings me to rice pudding.

I was served it once as a child at a friend's house and, since it was not my home, had to be more polite in the way that I disliked it. I can still see those little cold beads of rice showing through the vanilla pudding-like substance. They looked like translucent fish eggs. It was sweet but the texture made me gag. I managed a few polite bites and sat through the remainder of the dessert hoping no one would notice my distaste. I picked at it long enough to be relieved of the obligation to finish.

The only other distasteful memory is frozen spinach -- a dish designed in hell's kitchen. Not only does it look bad and taste bad, it also smells like mold. But for me, any vegetable boiled tastes bad. Raw or stir-fry okay, but boiled, mushy, tasteless vegetables are terrible.

That's my short list. Got something better from your childhood? Pass it on.


Anonymous said...

I came from a family where we were told to eat everything on our plate... so we did...

A few dislikes:

Beans - I still to this day can not stand the taste or texture of most any bean... I used to take them like pills as a child, since we *had* to eat them...

Shit on a shingle - chipped beef on toast... just didn't get to me...

I also share your dislike for boiled, steamed vegetables... stir fry or raw is great, but outside of that, please let me eat them before you murder them...

Francis Shivone said...

Jake -- where you been? Thanks for the thoughts.

Anonymous said...

blue cheese

comfort food? my dad would brown ground meat and onions, pour in a can of cream of mushroom soup and serve it over a starch--toast, biscuits, noodles, rice or boxed mashed potatoes. I still love any casserole with crm/mush soup in it!

Anonymous said...

Same family; same mother.

I LOVE RICE PUDDING. It's one of my favorite desserts. I also love bread pudding.

Mom used to fry liver. Hated the smell and to this day will not even venture a try.

Francis Shivone said...

There is no explaining some food likes and dislikes.

Sauerkraut -- agreed. I can honestly say I have never eaten it and never will.

Cilantro -- put it on everything

Blue cheese -- love it anyway it is served.

liver -- ahhh --- sometimes

nyquil -- no problemo

your concoction I will allow you to enjoy as you wish.


Lizzie said...

Barley Green in orange juice

Gag! Gag! Gag!