Friday, July 11, 2008

Two points off topic . . .

One. That's All Folks ...

This thing is over. Senator Obama is looking more like a winner every day, and he hasn't had to break a sweat. The spontaneous "children" interview was a grand slam home run. The Jesse Jackson comment helps Obama with the Jackson-disliking white guys. It's a long way to November but here is my handicapping so far:

* Obama: 40 states, including PA, FL, CA and MI.
* McCain: 10 states, TX, AZ, OH.
* Near landslide in popular vote for presidential election.
* Obama 53%, McCain 41%.
* Significant loss of seats in Congress and Senate for GOP.

The Futures Markets ( ) have the presidential election buys at 63 Obama, 31 McCain. Those are real money numbers, i.e., people risking their money on Obama or McCain. And the political futures markets (near election day) are a better indicator than polls.

Announcements will be made that the Republican party should fold its tent. (But 8 years ago the same was said of the Democrats, it's just our turn)

Point Deux. Free Karl.

That may be the new, hot t-shirt this summer, that is, if uber-Dem Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and pal Senator Patrick Leahy have their way.

Karl Rove is ignoring Tuesday's Congressional subpoena to appear and testify to Congress. A subpoena that is 100% political posturing from Democrats in Congress (god, I love this). Lead Democrat in the news, Wasserman-Schultz, stated, "arrest was not out of the question." Why? "maintaining the integrity of the co-equal congressional branch". Give me a break. There is not one ounce of integrity in the subpoena. Schultz is a Florida Democrat who is still seething over 2000 Bush v. Gore.

Rove is forcing them to act on their subpoena, meaning they must arrest him for contempt. Picture the feds showing up to his White House office with a court order, maybe a Sheriff or two, and a squad car. I'd pay to see that.

Political theater at its best.

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