Tuesday, July 22, 2008

How to Make Great French Toast

In the list of foods I don't eat any more but that I love, French Toast is at the top (right above ice cream). In the last 25 years I have made it for my children and grandchildren thousands of times.

Here's my favorite formula:

First, and I say this often, good cooking requires good ingredients, it's all down hill after that. If you like Wonder-bread type french toast, have at it. I don't. Our family favorite is a baguette cut into slices 1 inch in width. If you get a baguette, don't get the sourdough, and don't get the real thin ones. The size in this picture is about right.

The ingredients are simple: eggs, bread, salt, cooking oil, butter, maple syrup, cinnamon and sugar. I usually don't add milk to the whipped eggs, but I am not opposed to it, if it is just a little. Crack and whip your eggs, slice your bread, put a little oil on the skillet, dip your sliced bread in the batter and place on hot skillet. Easy.

Not so easy: There is one practice that makes french toast especially good, though it is easier to do than explain. Use more than a thin film of oil, about 1/8", get the oil the right temperature and kind of fry the bread a little. If you get the oil too hot it doesn't work, not hot enough and the bread gets greasy. Like I say, practice. But the end result, if you get it right, is a slightly crispy french toast (by the way, please use the back burners away from young hands, when cooking with oil).


If you are serving adults and it is a special breakfast pay extra and get the grade B real maple syrup. It is worth the added expense.

Sprinkle a little cinnamon on top with sugar or powdered sugar.

And any kind of berry on the side.

Kids love the smaller slices.

Buon appetito!

(coming soon: a special beef steak salad, a recipe from the Texas Beef Council)


Anonymous said...

Funny you mention French Toast...

Becca and I had it for dinner last night and I was curious as to what were some of the "key" ingredients and steps required to make it.

We go high tech with the bread (nice bread from Central Market) and low tech with the batter (eggs, vanilla, cinnamon)...

At any rate... thanks for your post and we'll have to try out your recipe!

Francis Shivone said...

I love french toast for dinner (or used to).

You have the ingredients right. Plus, Central Market has, in their bulk foods, real maple syrup that's not too expensive.

If you like a little crispy edge try the fry method. If you get it right it's perfecto.

I don't like it limpy which is another reason I prefer the baguette.


(When you see the Batman post a review or let me know what you think.)