Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What is up.

Fort Worth Miscellania:

  • I saw parts of the T. Boone Pickens Congressional hearing on CSpan. Subject, of course, was his energy plan and how it should be adopted. I can't figure out how the CSpan videos work. The Pickens site has a RealPlayer version and a text version. See the Pickens site: Anither thing of interest, if you want to see how to run a national campaign to get the public's attention watch how Mr. Pickens is executing his plan. Television, website updates, Facebook, hearings, newspaper ads. Not cheap but it is working.
  • The Cowboys Stadium hole is being formed. Cowboy video link click here.
  • Kevin Buchanan of FortWorthology is finally beginning to put his urban photography in one internet location. Anyone who likes photographs will like his work.
  • Thinking of the iphone 3G purchase? Jake has an excellent review with technical information:

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