Thursday, July 10, 2008

Dutch's and Public Opinion to the Contrary.

I had a bad first experience at Dutch's, but maybe I need to try again. I usually eat an early lunch, around 11:30, and that was when I pulled into Dutch's. I ordered and got my "burger ready" call about one minute after ordering. For a 6 - 8 ounce burger that's not possible unless they are already cooked, which they were. I don't care how good the beef is if it is a lukewarm burger I'm not happy.

Since then I have read a half-dozen opinions to the contrary, like this one just in from someone I trust:
Dutch's burgers--yesterday. Good burger. Hot. Bun just a little honey-sweet. Onion rings made from scratch; covered in flaky batter.
As a burger lover if they have a good one, and I need to go when they are hot, I will.


Anonymous said...

I have been twice and the burgers were mediocre both times. I'll go back but mainly because I enjoy the atmosphere.

Francis Shivone said...

My experience as well. To my taste Kinkaids is better. Agreed on atmosphere as well. If it was hot though I would have liked the burger, too.

Rambler said...

Kincaid's has opened a real burger cafe on Bryant Irvin Rd. south of I-20. They apparently want to go chain.