Wednesday, July 30, 2008


The word makes me smile, why is the subject for another post.

The subject of this post: the long-ignored cupcake is now fashionable. I saw a Food Network cupcake contest a few weeks ago, I see them in the grocery stores a lot these days, and yesterday my sister gave me a magazine article discussing a popular cupcake weblog: Cupcakes Take the Cake.

If you think it's the whim of some overly enthusiastic cake lovers, think again, PC Magazine listed this blog as one of their favorite 100. The NY Times did a Food Section article on them, as did USA Today and Food and Wine Magazine. Who would have thought you could make it big being . . . a cupcake?

I'm not a big sugar-icing person so cupcakes have never been my favorite treat, I do like the TastyKake chocolate-covered cupcakes sold everywhere in Philadelphia and Delaware, but I have to admit some of the cupcakes on this website look really good.

(Where is Cupcake these days?)


Dena said...

I think I just spent an hour looking at the cupcakes! Thanks for the post.

John C. said...

If you enjoy cupcakes, then look no further than Fort Worth's own Cupcake Cottage (, just off of Camp Bowie.

A friendly husband and wife team runs the little bungalow-based shopped, turning out some of the best little cakes you've ever tasted. The wife and I are BIG fans. You have to move quick, though -- they usually sell out by noon.

Francis Shivone said...

John -- thank you. Great suggestion and believe me, we will be going. I'm always amazed at what how many places I don't know about.

Anonymous said...

To add to what John C. said, if you go on Saturday, get there before noon or you'll end up watching somebody in front of you select the last few available.