Saturday, July 12, 2008

Axiom Sushi: Good.

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One of the reasons restaurants get widely different reviews is that a restaurant visit is not just a meal, and the experience is not just the taste of the food. Atmosphere, decor, friendliness, other patrons, food, service, temperature, music style, music volume, cleanliness, all effect how we view a place. And everyone has a different opinion of what is too loud, too cold, or too smoky.

Piranha's Sushi and an email from a restaurant reviewer made me think of it. Piranha's downtown is a great restaurant for sushi and drinks for a certain crowd and a certain mood. It's a little too hip for me, expensive, and non-traditional sushi. I am not going to give Piranha's a bad review just because it doesn't fit my style. The food is good and made with care.

The recent review via email of Axiom Sushi was good (and not the first I received):
We went to Sushi Axiom on Hulen Drive this past weekend. It was much more pleasant than my last visit to Piranhas. The ambiance was very cool, albeit typical for a Sushi place. It wasn't mind-blowing but it was very solid sushi. We had the Axiom Roll with a number of standards.

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