Tuesday, July 29, 2008

7th Street.

Splash by Nancy Merkle

Much of Fort Worth near downtown is in some form of new construction, planned construction or renovation. The biggees are: the Trinity River Vision just north of Fort Worth, downtown itself, and the most visible, 7th Street, just west of downtown.

Last Friday, FortWorthology website host, Kevin Buchanan, did a comprehensive review of all things downtown with photographs of everything to go along. Fort Worth has some good websites and blogs but I think Buchanan is doing the best job amongst us. Fort Worth Architecture has trimmed their site in the last few months and FortWorthology has filled the need for good photographs of renovations and new construction. http://fortworthology.com/


Kinkaid's lives on. Thankfully, an agreement has been made and we can still visit Kinkaid's on Camp Bowie. You have read about it I am sure, but here's the Star Telegram's video on the subject: http://startelegram.typepad.com


Anonymous said...

You're right about Kevin. His site was the first one I found discussing Fort Worth a couple years ago (or whenever he started) and I still look at it daily.

His pictures alone are worth the visits but he also provides great information.

You're also doing a great job of giving us all sorts of informatino (local or otherwise) with a personal perspective. I especially enjoy your food discussions. Keep up the great work.

Francis Shivone said...

Anon -- Right -- his photography is great stuff. Thanks for the comment.

Kenny said...

Those bastards! Good thing they resolved the Kinkaid's lease, or else I would have to start looking into Southwest flights to Oregon, and it would only get ugly from there . . . I mean, a I AM half Italian now. We know how to deal with these sorts of situations, eh Fran?

Francis Shivone said...

I really do love how the Kinkaid boys played chicken with the landlord. And by the way, K, there is a reason that South Philly is still South Philly. Ciao.

Tim said...

Francis, I stumbled upon your blog about two months ago when searching for more info on the "Eurotaza Coffee House" on Camp Bowie. If I recall correctly, I found a review of the coffee house on your blog. Since then I have enjoyed reading your updates about local Fort Worth restaurants/food, art, and other daily happenings. Being somewhat new to the region (I moved down here from Ohio back in late '05), I enjoy the insight from someone who truly knows the city of Fort Worth. Your blog is one of few that I check on daily.

I’m not too sure if it is coincidence or just luck that part of your day’s post is based on the new growth around town. Being a single late 20 something male, I’ve decided that it’s time for me to move out of my apartment and into something more permanent. I haven’t gotten too serious on my search yet, but over the last couple of weeks I’ve driven by the construction on 7th street known as the Museum Place. Something tells me that that would be an ideal location for me, but I haven’t had much luck on finding any information on the residential space that will be provided there. Through your link to Fort Worthology (which is now saved under my favorites), I have found the proper website, but sadly the important info I’m looking for (price ranges and type of floor plans) is still not posted. In time I guess…


Francis Shivone said...

Tim -- glad to help.

By the way -- if I were in a condo or apartment search I would be over on 7th because of the access to shopping and because the Trinity River amenities are within walking distance. Plus, sooner or later they will have light rail going through there.

I don't get many comments on Eurotazza -- mind telling me if you liked the coffee?

James ntdfw@yahoo.com said...

Hello, I wanted to know if I could advertise on your site. Couldnt find a contact us page.


Francis Shivone said...

I used to have an "Email me" link. I must have removed it but don't remember why or when.

Anyway, you may email me at fshivone@gmail.com

Kevin Buchanan said...


Thanks so much for the kind words, as I expressed on my site as well.


I'd love to get the Museum Place/etc. prices and such up, but they're not quite available yet. Soon. Also, I'm about to do a massive redesign of Fort Worthology, and will be revamping the Urban Living page at that time as well. Stay tuned!