Monday, June 16, 2008

Web logs in Fort Worth.

Sun Drenched Hillside / Nancy Merkle

I started writing this web log a little over a year ago because work was slow and I wanted something to fill the time -- and because I like to eat, talk about food, and review restaurants. A friend and I used to joke about the fact that we couldn't think of a significant (large or small) restaurant in DFW that we hadn't visited. That's no longer even close to being true.

I had a theme. I wanted to have a post a day on food and restaurants. But I realized after a month or so that I couldn't write about food everyday, so just started writing about other things that I was thinking about. I commented on things of interest to me. There is a differnce between writing about yourself, which no one is interested in, and writing about the things that interest you. What started as a web log on food and Fort Worth should probably have been called Life in Fort Worth. Especially now that I am in Philly more than Fort Worth limiting my ability in restaurant reviews. I thought about stopping but decided, "it is what it is" and not to worry about it.

All that to say that Fort Worth has many good web logs, all different, but I think enjoyable to read. The boys over at The Whited Sepulchre Blog had a post on Fort Worth web logs. I thought I would do the same. Here are a few I visit often:

FortWorthology -- probably the best photographs of the city that you will see. Very knowledgeable commentary on development.

The Whited Sepulchre -- Allen is a good writer. I like his stuff. Good web log.

Fort Worth Architecture -- The big Kahuna, not a web log but a website on the subjects of architecture and development in Cowtown. A large forum section.

Long Horn Lucy and Thoughts of Net.Developer -- Minnesotans who are adjusting to Fort Worth, and as far as I can tell enjoying it. I always check in there.

The Caravan of Dreams - If you moved here within the last, hmmm . . . 10 years maybe, you might not know that Caravan of Dreams once was a pretty serious music venue for -- jazz, folk, a little country, and anything else the proprietors liked. I saw Emmy Lou Harris with an audience of about 75, as well as many other musicians. Good blog, good name.

Hole in the Wall -- Good commentary on food and restaurants.

Cowtown Chronicles -- commentary, like mine often political, probably not a handful of things CC and F&FW would agree on, but hey, this is America.

All the sites have links on the right column of this site.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link Francis! Your blog was easily the first and best blog I found while searching for good places to eat and interesting information about Fort Worth... and I've been hooked ever since!

Please keep up the good work... and I could really care less about whether the content fits in with a profile exactly... just write!

take care

MC said...

I entered the blog world about 2 weeks ago without doing any research and barely knowing what a blog was! My husband just thought I could use an outlet to write and, since I love restaurants and food, that's what I started writing about. Little did I know that there were already in existence so many sites much superior to mine! It has been so much fun, though, and if our fair city keeps up this pace, we'll all have to post 24-7 just to keep up! I really enjoy your blog and your thoughts on life in Ft. Worth!

Francis Shivone said...

Thanks Jake -- are you sure you and Lucy weren't born in Texas?

MC -- thanks, please give us a not-so-shameless self promotion and tell us your web log name name and link. Grazie.

GodfatherofTech said...


Well, there goes my everyday reading once football season starts. :)

Thanks for the blog. It's on my list of daily reading since I found it a few months ago.

I just started working in downtown FW. I just feels so comfortable down here.

Francis Shivone said...

Never fear G/of/tech. I will support the blue and silver. What a great place to work. Few downtown's are as pleasant. I do get back to FW every month or so and always make a trip to walk around downtown.

MC said...

Like I said - no research. :) The name is FtWorthFoodie and the link is Only a couple of posts up so far...

Rambler the Fort Worth Boy said...

An excellent compendium that has gained it it's own bookmark. In fact, yesterday I was sharing the wonderful pictures archive site with Mike of the 7th Street barbershop (now in a windowless purgatory due to the rebuilding on 7th Street.

Francis Shivone said...

Rambler -- I was just thinking today that I hadn't heard from you. Funny how a big city like Fort Worth has a recognized leader in barber shops like 7th St. That's one of the things I like about it. Thanks.