Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Shoes and Socks, Gone Wild . . .

Flickr photo by Thurrock Phil

I remember when it hit me. Why then, and not years earlier I do not know. I am sure that the change was not as sudden as it appeared at that moment. I was standing in front of the sock rack at the JC Penney's in the Northeast Mall, dumbfounded, looking for the black and blue socks; the soft acrylic, half-calf kind that everyone, including me, wore. Besides blue and black, there was brown and gray. I had purchased my socks at the same place, in this small corner of Mr. Penney's fine establishment for years and today I wanted a three pack of navy blue. That's it: drive up, park, get the socks, pay, go home.

No problemo, pero, no mas.

The old, modest JC Penney sock rack had been replaced with rows of socks, and hundreds of varieties. A whole fancy wall of socks with dozens of colors, lengths, and materials. Where were the normal-guy blue socks? I looked but never found them. I have been more or less sock-testing ever since. And dissatisfied.

(Next post: toothpaste. I can't find the white Crest. And who buys red, white and blue gel with flavor specs?)


Anonymous said...

My wife buys the toothpaste with the flavor specs, and its not even in a tube. I'm having an investigation done on her citizenship validity.

Francis Shivone said...

I agree, check her out, but --

I have noticed specs are big right now. I was walking down the shampoo aisle with the wife last week and noticed a lot of the new ones had floating, multi colored specs.

I've seen them in chewing gum as well.


Andrew said...

I don't ever even know what toothpaste I buy. I merely go by the isle and pick up the first one that catches my hand. Sometimes they have sparkles, sometimes not. It's always a surprise.