Thursday, June 5, 2008

Senator Obama . . .


The Barack Obama story is a good one. It's an American one.

In the last 16 months the freshman Senator surprised everyone in winning the Democrat presidential nomination, especially his opponent, the Democrat heiress apparent. He ran a good, professional and patient campaign. He raised more money than all of the other candidates together. His web-based fundraising is the envy of all politicians. He has rock star status not seen since Ronald Reagan or more appropriately, JFK. And he has brought into the voting booths millions of young people while, at the same time, engaging the black community. Not a bad resume.

There is a "BUT" to my comments and it is this.

But -- the politics of envy, the roots of his ideology, are never a good foundation for action. Never, ever. Envy is never a reason to do good and is easily disguised as justice. Senator Obama's speeches and his book, The Audacity of Hope, show the influences of 20 years listening to Reverend Wright who is unapologetically a promoter of liberation theology, today's theological support for the old idea. Liberation Theology is an insidious doctrine in the way it redefines justice, and sometimes evil in the way it foments violent rebellion. That's not hyperbole. Envy and Revolution (Change) under liberation theology are easily disguised as Law and Justice. The proverbial wolf in sheep's clothe. The difference between Cain and Abel.

I don't want to take one bit of acclaim away from Senator Obama, frankly I'm proud of him and proud to be an American because of him. My misgivings are there, nevertheless.

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