Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Pop's Safari

More than a few years ago, my boys, their friends and I would spend an occasional evening in a local pub discussing all sorts of things; theology, philosophy, literature, politics and anything else good and unrelated to everyday usefulness.

As the evening passed the pub's music would increase in volume and we would be forced to take our pitchers of beer and conversation elsewhere. We all liked music as much as the next guy but some evenings we were there for the discussion. In that light, this report just in from the eldest son, after a trip to Pop's Safari with 10 other guys on a Monday night:

"Dad, a few notes you can perhaps expand."
Pop's Safari: Exotic decor a little odd, but very comfortable setting. 10 guys sat comfortably together in an arrangement that allowed everyone to talk to everyone else. No music on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday -- a big plus. A few good beers on tap and quite a few in bottles. Huge cigar selection. Good ventilation so that it's not smoky. Overall very pleasant. And I went thinking I would hate it.
Pop's Safari is in the Cultural District near Casa Manana.

Live music: Wednesday -- Saturday, enjoy conversation without music Sunday, Monday, Tuesday.

Pop's Safari Room
2929 Morton St.
Fort Worth, TX 76107


Anonymous said...

I'd have to disagree on the smoke issue. I know it's a cigar bar so I should just avoid it in the future as that is not my thing... however after my one and only visit I had to undress and leave my clothes on the back porch and wash my hair before going to bed to get rid of the smoke smell. :(

Francis Shivone said...

Anonymous -- Haven't been, but since most of those 10 guys are either smokers or drinking smokers they probably didn't notice. Personally, I'm sympathetic to smokers in bars, pubs, etc. (I don't smoke or drink) but it sounds to me like you are not going back. Thanks.

Wayne Thompson said...

Unfortunately for "anoonymous", when someone mentions not too smoky in relationship to a "cigar bar", they mean it's not obnoxious. I do smoke cigars and am also sensitive to others. I agree that your clothes and hair are going to smell like smoke, but then again if I smoked a cigar on my back patio in a galeforce wind, I would still need to wash my clothes and hair. Pop's is friendly on so many more levels than just being able to smoke a cigar. It's like Fort Worth's 'Cheers'. Everyone who goes in is welcomoed and called by your name. If you come in alone, they'll invite you to sit at a table with others.

Francis Shivone said...

Excellent point and I think the one my son was making. Pop's has an appeal that other places don't.