Monday, June 23, 2008

A Good Southern Biscuit

LaDonna Hilton, prize-winning biscuit maker. New York Times.

Does anyone know where (in FW) to get a good, freshly baked, southern style biscuit?

The question came to mind after reading a New York Times article on the change in ownership and operation of White Lily Flour, the gold standard of authentic Southern biscuits. It seems folks in the deep south are concerned, and I don't blame them. They have been baking with White Lily, milled in Knoxville, Tennessee since 1883. The new owners are moving production to Ohio or some such un-southlike place.

I got thinking about the last time I had eaten a really good white flour biscuit. I can't say that I have found a great one since the sale of the old Black Eyed Pea.

Any Fort Worth suggestions?

  1. Served warm with real butter. Butter preferably cold.
  2. Moist inside but not doughy; some texture but not dense.
  3. Slightly browned and light crust exterior.
  4. Honey would be nice, too.

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Rambler said...

I'm not a biscuit aficionado, but I like the biscuits at Old Neighborhood Grill and West Side Cafe. I don't use butter, so can't tell you what's up with that. Both places have a decent gravy, though not as rich as I remember the gravy at the Paris. That was 20 years ago, though.

Actually, I like everything at Old Neighborhood Grill and West Side Cafe, so that may tell you I'm not the best informant.