Friday, June 27, 2008

Facebook, Deux.

Waterfall / Nancy Merkle

So much for, "we're one big happy Facebook family."

The son informed me today that it was one thing when I got on, male respect for male privacy and all, another when mom gets on and starts writing "cute" next to his pictures (she did), and inviting her grandmom friends to be his friend (which he has ignored) -- that was pushing the limits of filial obligation.

Can you blame him? What self-respecting guy wants his mother (or father) and her friends tailing around. I surely didn't. I loved my mother very much; but she was mom, not a frat sister.

It's like throwing a party at college and your parents showing up to jump in the mash pit, or is it mosh pit? That's the problem with my generation. We can't leave well enough alone. Our parents didn't show up at every event we had . . . they didn't hope to be invited. We respected them, that was enough.

So I say, let the kids have the Facebook, or their own Facebook sites anyway...

Ahh ... brb... getting text on iphone...

(P.S. -- my wife and I have had long laughs over this)

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