Friday, May 2, 2008

Benito's: a Very Good Breakfast

We went for an early lunch at Benito's last Sunday. After we were seated, I noticed that the table next to us was being served breakfast -- and it looked good.

So the four of us ordered breakfast. And it was good.

I had Huevos con Chorizo (delicious), my son Andrew had the Chila Quiles, which he said was the best he has had. Beans and rice are served with the dishes. Here's the kicker: about $6 each dish, for a meal that is enough to last you all day.

We have always enjoyed Benito's for good, local Mexican food but the breakfast was a surprise.

When I go to Benito's for lunch or dinner I always get the pork tacos. We also like a side of fresh, warm, corn tortillas. Benito's is a locally owned family restaurant and best of all, the management, servers, and staff seem to appreciate you being there.

Benito's: 1450 W. Magnolia Ave. (at Fairmount Ave.) Ft. Worth, TX 76104


Rambler said...

Benitos is good. The enchiladas I had one evening were excellent. For breakfast, try the migas (which are actually so easy to make it's hardly worth going out, but...). Rumor has it the tamales are good and can be had without pre-ordering, though I've not tried that yet.

My only gripe is that Benitos, in true Mexican form, doesn't do chips and hot sauce, which I like... a LOT.

Francis Shivone said...

That's why I order the corn tortillas. I'll try the tamales next. Thanks.

Rambler said...

Ah! corn tortillas would work. They used to put a nice pico on the table. That would go well. :-)

Andrew said...

Best Chilequiles ever! I say that having lived in SA for a few years and eaten at a bunch of the mexican breakfast joints here which are so famous.