Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Slow Food?

Yesterday I read a story about a group committed to what they call Slow Food. It is not an organization of mothers hoping to get you to eat more slowly. It's slow food in contrast to fast food. They encourage people to buy foods that are whole and locally grown, instead of foods shipped in from who knows where. They encourage people to cook and not just: open can-heat- stir; or even worse, to make a habit of the McDonalds drive- through. (We spend $91 billion nationally on fast food, by the way, and I have made a considerable contribution to that total.)

I'm with them because "slow food" tastes better and is better, and slow food means people will actually sit around and talk to each other.

The basic tenets:
1. Cook non-processed foods at home.
2. Shop locally.
3. Avoid genetically modified foods.
4. Buy organic.
5. Grow your own (food).
6. Pack a healthy lunch.

On our little acre in Fort Worth we had chickens for years, along with the requisite rabbits, et cetera, and I assure you home-raised chicken eggs are much tastier than store bought. I grew tomatoes in my backyard, not because I am a back-to-earth type but because they taste a lot better, and that there is a sense of satisfaction eating vegetables from your own garden.
(If you are not a gardener, it will not be long before the Farmers Market in Dallas will be flooded with locally grown tomatoes at great prices.)

Interested in the Slow Food Movement?




kmf said...

Thanks for the plug, and please visit our US site @ SlowFoodUSA.org


Anonymous said...

theslowhome.com and slowmovement.com are also interesting

Francis Shivone said...

Thanks, I am always amazed at how little I know about so much.

fullgrownburger said...

i love the idea of this. for me it will require shifting some of the ways I prioritize, shop and think. it seems like the right way to go.
i really enjoy the blog and am planning a trip to charlie's soon with your recommendation since i pass by it weekly and have wondered whether it was worth a trip or not. thanks

Francis Shivone said...

I like their pizza, meatballs, Italian sausage and if they have dessert pies they are excellent and made fresh on their site.