Saturday, May 3, 2008

New and Now a Saturday Regular Feature

Sunshine from:

About a year ago I had more time on my hands than I wanted. One way I chose to fill the time was to write, and particularly to write in this weblog. Another time-killer was exploring the web via StumbleUpon, a social network application that delivers a grab-bag of web pages based on the "stumblers" likes and dislikes.

About 75% of what you stumble upon is not worth much thought, about 20% is worth a little time to investigate, and about 5% is very good and worth bookmarking. The painting (above) is pulled from one of the websites I found and still enjoy frequently. I like the choice of artwork posted on this website, especially the paintings of the blog host.

That's it, that's my post for Saturday, a good website on art with many contemporary artists.

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