Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Problems with Pappas

I don't bash many restaurants, especially the smaller ones. If I don't like an establishment I don't talk about it, or I accentuate the good points. The exception to that rule is the restaurant that has had a great reputation but no longer serves good food. I don't mind talking about them critically.

I put Pappadeaux in that category. If you had ever visited one when they were a high end seafood house, you know what I mean. They were really good. Crisp, white table cloths and napkins, well dressed and groomed servers, and food that matched the look of both. Their food was always fresh, hot and plentiful, with fresh, hot rolls as soon as you were seated. Pappadeaux had it going on. No mas. They still pack them in at Forest Park and I30, so obviously not everyone agrees, but that is my view.

Pappasito's has a narrower menu and has kept a level of quality in their fajitas and tortillas, but the last time I visited, it wasn't as good as it once was. The servers were lackadaisical and untrained.

Pappas Burgers are okay, but expensive.

The Pappas Steakhouse in Dallas had the best steak I have ever eaten. A few years ago Texas Monthly agreed. I haven't been in 5 years so I don't know if that is still true.

Pappas Barbecue, like Pappas Steakhouse in the Stemmons restaurant row, is good but, again, expensive.

The Pappas Brothers have had a winning formula which combines new restaurants, an upbeat atmosphere, and strict formula cooking, and like all things formulaic, it is hard if not impossible, to maintain the original quality. I'm not on the inside of their business, but I do know that instead of a Pappas restaurant being my first choice in a category, I don't even consider them.


PC Doctor said...

Being a 'burger' guy, I looked forward to sampling the one at Pappa's Burger off of I-30.

I tried it and left a bit disappointed. Having sampled all of the NW Highway places, I expected the price, but the quality wasn't as I expected for a Pappa's place.

It has been some time since I have been to a Pappasito's, but I am looking forward to a trip in the near future.

Good comments. I found your site recently and have become a regular 'lurker'.

Francis Shivone said...

Thanks PC -- I always liked and respected the Pappas brand. My comments are related to my disappointment at them of late. Their formula had good food at its foundation. I think Pappasito's is still their best restaurant, food wise.