Saturday, May 31, 2008

It's Saturday, Let's Talk Politics.

Jeff Parker / Florida Today

I have watched more political news coverage than the average guy this last six months. That's not something to be proud of, necessarily -- but it's not my fault, it's playoff season for the political enthusiast. Plus, watching a Democratic boxing match with no final round is loads of fun.

Here are a few, as non-partisan as possible, comments on the last few months. Latest news first.

1. As long as I can remember, White House staff have been writing books on what "really" is going on. The news media love them because it's always bad news, confirming what they have been saying all along. So the Scott McClellan book is nothing new. What bothers me about it is that he is a fellow-Texan to whom the President gave a job bigger than the resume. Also, does no one else have a problem accepting the legitimacy of a man who wants to "clear his conscience" while padding his pocket in a six or seven figure way?

2. I have come to respect Senator Clinton's tenacity. And she is right, the primary can still be won by either candidate, why shouldn't she keep running.

3. Barack Obama is getting a pass by the media. This is partly because he is liked as a candidate and partly because he is the new kid on the block -- and he handles himself well, he tries not to sidestep issues too much, and he's got the Reagan love of camera. But like Reagan, what gets you there is what brings you down, which will be in his case, inexperience, lack of understanding of the issues, and being too photogenic.

4. How is it that everyone seems to know that the war in Iraq is evil and the President is evil for starting it? Maybe he knows something we don't. Maybe they started it.

5. McCain might just win against either candidate. Considering the war and the economy, it is amazing that any Republican is close in the polls. Again, Florida and Ohio are the battlegrounds, but I'm watching California. If Obama wins, McCain could win California.

6. The biggest difference and the one least appreciated between this campaign and previous ones is the ability to raise huge sums of money online. Obama's fund raising example will change national presidential campaigns in the future. His fund raising ability among the masses is the envy of every politician in the world.

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