Friday, May 30, 2008

Grilling Chicken

Here are a few thoughts inspired from another NY Times article on grilling, this time on chicken, with my own take on the same.

Here's the thing with chicken. Go slowly. It doesn't matter if you use a Weber type charcoal grill or gas. Let the chicken cook from the heat away from the flame so that the fat does not hit the flame and flare up. I like chicken breast, skin and bone on. I lightly wrap the chicken in sturdy aluminum foil first to let the breasts cook in the fat, when they are about half cooked and most of the fat has rended from under the skin, I grill them to a nice brown crusty skin. If they are creating a flare up you have to move them or they will get a nasty smoked flavor.

Salt, pepper, and any other season you like. I like green, chile tomatilla sauce poured on top as they cook and served with a grilled crispy flour tortilla, or a hunk of sourdough bread, again grilled, and a hunk of cold goat cheese. I also like a bowl of the green salsa, cold, to dip the bread, tortilla and chicken.

If you have home-grown, sliced tomatoes and a few slices of avocado you're in summer eating heaven.

I don't mess with wings because they have so little meat but I do like to grill the legs, and I do it the same way.

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