Thursday, April 24, 2008

Westward, Yo.

Before too long, I'll be landing at DFW and heading west to Fort Worth for the first time in a long time. Upon getting in the car I plan to adjust my car radio dial to 1310 the Ticket. I guess Greggo is gone but I’m dying to hear the Musers, Norm and Reiner.

My wife asked where I will be going first, food-wise. Maybe not exactly in this exact order, but here’s my list:

Central Market for lunch. Good salad bar, nice tables to sit outside. It’s too bad the original store managers are gone. They added something to the place and kept a closer eye on the finer details.

Starbucks on University – at some point you’ll find us sitting at the kids table in Barnes and Noble drinking a cup of coffee and playing with the grandkids. Hadn’t seen Elvis the artist at the window table in a while either.

Trinity River – the wife and I will take a long walk along the river on the North side of downtown. She’ll talk, I’ll listen, and somehow that’s the right order of things.

Mi Cocina’s downtown for a good Mexican meal with the family. If we can get an outdoors table , all the better.

Kinkaid’s for a burger. They haven’t moved yet have they?

Rangers game on Saturday night, I might even break down and have a ballpark beer and brat. Mavericks? Nah.

On Sunday, I’ll be fake singing in the choir at St Mary of the Assumption on Magnolia. Hey Ken. Donuts for the kids from Paul's.

Lunch again at Central Market, or Carshon's, maybe.

One night we’ll be at Charlie's for pizza.

I need to fit in a visit to Lili’s. I like those guys.

My daughter's for dinner on Sunday night with a few (dozen) friends.

I hope the taco truck is still there on 8th around Elizabeth. I have to see what’s going on downtown with the Omni, Lancaster Blvd, 7th Street, etc. It’s amazing, but they’re getting along just fine without me.

If I'm missing the "best of" something, please let me know. Remember, I only have 5 days.


Ken said...

Hey, Francis. Are you talking about the taco truck at Carnival? That's all gone. There's one at Fiesta sometimes. I've been doing elote en vaso from Fiesta, just outside the door. It's actually corn in a cup, but elote in vaso sounds fancier, eh! Is Carshon's open on Sunday? Old Neighborhood Grill isn't, I know.

Look forward to seeing you.


Francis Shivone said...

That's the one. I heard Carnival was closed. I'm a fan of the Fiesta but have never had the corn in cup. I'll try it. Carshon's is probably not open on Sunday but I need to get by sometime.
Thanks, see you Sunday.

Anonymous said...

kincaids is still open and very closed-mouth about where they might go. I'm hoping they move west--maybe in the new (not built yet) section behind 6333 Camp Bowie. it would be great to have kincaids, la playa, hedary's, italian inn, lunch box, baker bros, bakers pub, sushi yoko, eurotazza, duce, ........
you need add Thai Tina's to your list. yum.
welcome home!

Ken said...

Is that the Thai Tina's on North Henderson across from the halfway house? Just north of White Settlement Rd. That would be good to know since I spend a lot of time over there.

Jake Good said...

You missed the Mainstreet Art Festival... and yeah, Kincaid's hasn't move *yet* though they mentioned moving to a new location on Camp Bowie (the man I spoke to pointed eastward when asked).

Have a safe flight and enjoy your stay!

BillyF said...

Um, Rhyner's dead

Francis Shivone said...

One quick comment. I thought Reiner was dead, but thought maybe I wouldn't remind everyone. I hope Rein's and Mike are doing better though..

Anonymous said...

Might want to try the new Flying Fish on Montgomery across the street from Railhead....speaking of, you might want to go there or Angelo's. Need to have some BBQ while you are here!!! For your tex mex, you might want to go to Uncle Julio's or Joe T's over Mi Cocina. I like those better, but that's just me.....

billyf said...

flying fish is pretty cool with the patio, but I still prefer Zeke's

Anonymous said...

yes, thai tina's is on henderson and it is fantastic! try lunch or dinner.
who's reiner?

Francis Shivone said...

I've never been to Tina's. I'll try it.

Reiner is Mike Reimer of Sports radio 1310 the Ticket. Whenever anyone calls him Reiner, he says, Reiner is dead. Kind of an inside joke.

Never have been to Flying Fish either. Is that Fish and Chips, like Zekes?

Anonymous said...

Yay Zekes'. ANd unless you don't like doggies, Fort Woof dogpark.

Anonymous said...

FFish is from the folks that have 8.0. It has all sorts of seafood, salads, veggies, cold beer! It is pretty good and is a great place for family night with little ones--picnic tables on the patio and kitschy decor on the walls and ceiling. Great Dr pepper screen doors in and out of the dining room.