Thursday, April 17, 2008

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Main Street Arts Festival

The Main St. Art Festival starts today. It costs nothing to walk around and look and you get to see some really good art. There is a long line of artists who want to display at this show and very few are selected. This is one of my favorite Fort Worth events of the year. Remember, it's good food, entertainment and art, too.

Hey Brad!

It's official. After one year of posting, the one post to receive the most comments is the Verizon ad post. I still get about one comment a day. The last comment, in case you're not keeping up with it, asked about the background music. I like it, too, but don't know where it's from. I love the tuba.

Commentor Anonymous, I'm sorry, you're wrong, this is a great advertisement (hey, my weblog, my rules).

The ad doesn't play much anymore. Too bad, for me. If you didn't get enough of it, here it is:

Last thought: today the post received three comments, for a total of 24. if you want to read them go back to April's posts.

A comment on Pope Benedict XVI.

Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was elected by the College of Cardinals to lead the Roman Catholic Church this month 3 years ago. He succeeded a Pope who had served for over 25 years and who almost single-handedly threw the burden of the Church on his shoulders and carried it through the troubles of the post modern age. It's difficult to talk about John Paul II without using words like greatness and saint, both as person and as a man of accomplishment.
Cardinal Ratzinger was by JPII's side as head of the Prefect for the Congregation of Faith for 24 years. When he was elected Pope he did so with respect for his immediate predecessor's calling, and with a vision of addressing the consequences of modern theology and philosophy, especially in Europe. Read his address to the Italian Parliament reprinted in a book titled, Without Roots. John Paul 2 was a very bright man, few will attempt to match wits with Pope Benedict in theology, philosophy, Church doctrine and history, and especially European history. That given, his first papal encyclical was Deus Caritas Est, (God is Love). Thanks for coming to America Pope Benedict XVI.


Anonymous said...

I wish the Pope had stayed home. A man who has the view that gays are intrinsic moral evil? A man who evacuated Cardinal Law from the Boston diocese and despite what he's said in America may have tried to shelve sex abuse claims? And I'm not sure he sees other people's churches as legitimate. Granted, I'm not a Catholic, but I certainly don't welcome such an individual to our White House. I do like that he opposed the Iraq war citing it had no moral justification. So maybe after the President had a birthday party for him, the Pontiff pulled Bush aside to have a discussion about the war.

Francis Shivone said...

I try not to be a nit-picker when it comes to word choice . . . but it should be said that I am certain His Holiness considers no person intrinsically evil. I'm not sure, theologically speaking, intrinsic evil is a possibility.