Saturday, April 19, 2008

This Weekend: April 18, 2008

Modern till Midnight -- Well, this was last night. But this spring and summer the Modern Art Museum has evening activities, including docent led tours, music, food and drinks. And some of them like the occasional Modern til Midnight are out-of -doors. The Moderns calendar:
New Eagle Mountain Lake Park
From the Star Telegram:
"The pristine parkland -- purchased from the state for $9.6 million with donations from the Tarrant Regional Water District, Tarrant County, foundations, corporations and citizens -- features hiking trails and scenic overlooks. Visitors are encouraged to study the park's natural beauty, but leave their motorbikes, dogs and horses at home."
Central Market's, Thrill of the Grill
Do some grill meat, taste-testing this weekend at the Central Market on Hulen. April 18 - 20.
Dallas Farmer's Market
Okay, it's Dallas, but it is a real live Farmer's Market. As summer approaches the fruits and vegetables get better. The flowers are out and it looks good.
Main Street Arts Festival (ouch)
I started this post to remind everyone of the Arts Festival, then last night got in a hurry to get the wife on an airplane and forgot to mention it. Thanks to Jason, (see comments) I was reminded to include one our best annual events. Don't miss it and pray for a (no) hail of a good time. (Sorry, Andrew).


Jason Hammer said...

You forgot the Main St Arts Festival!

Francis Shivone said...

What a dummy -- thanks Jason, I added it.

Kenny said...

Fran, odd place for this, but it certainly didn't seem right putting it under your Sunday post, lol.

I find this to be an odd article for some reason.

Chelsea and Rendell hit the Gay Bars

My favorite line?

"Rendell appeared to be in his element."

I guess I shouldn't be surprised, Rendell panders to his base like everybody else. Just seems like a side of Philly politics you don't think about all the time.

Francis Shivone said...

K -- thanks. Hadn't seen the article but just read it. Loved the comment about Rendell. The Clinton-fatigue here is measurable. But did you see the 'Nova response to Mathhews and McCain?
See you next week.

Rambler said...

Oh, hail! At least the first night of Main Street Arts Festival. Shades of Mayfest, '94.