Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory,

Pat Bagley / Salt Lake Tribune

The Republican Party is doing everything it can to relinquish control of the White House to the Democrats.

Republicans are overseeing an expensive war that is unpopular, indicted congressman, a tanked economy, buyouts of poorly managed banks, foreclosures at an all time high, and a President that is making little effort to connect to the general public. A unified Democratic Party could roll out a Teletubby and win the election . . .

But they insist on looking this Republican gift horse in the mouth, in effect, rejecting the office. If they do lose, Mrs. Clinton will be justifiably excoriated for not deferring to Barack Obama. Her insistence on staying in the race "for the good of those whose voice deserves to be heard," is not only dishonest, but wrong-headed. She knows she can't win unless some revelation about Sen Obama buries him, and if the Rev. Wright thing didn't get him, I doubt anything will.

Democrat optimists argue that what happens now will be forgotten in November. Hmmm, mostly true, but . . .

What will remain is the rancor between the sub-parties. The Clinton/Carter/Lieberman, dare I say moderate wing, versus the Kennedy/Kerry/Obama radical left wing is a split in the Democrat party similar to the split in the Republican party, except for the fact that Republicans make the necessary compromises for the general good. The only possible outcome that would temporarily join those wings is an Obama/Clinton team. If this primary feud continues, that option will become more unlikely. The rift between the two groups runs deep and goes back to the Carter/Kennedy primary campaign in 1976.


Counterpoint: because of this long-playing primary Democrats are registering voters in record numbers, which could help them in November.

Counter / Counterpoint -- those newly registered, especially in states like Pennsylvania, could end up voting for McCain, a very moderate Republican.

Any thoughts?


Andrew said...

The danger, I think, is really the over-exposure of the dems to the people. If they are going on like this until August, people will have, I think, gag reflexes every time they hear "Obama" or "Hilary". People tire of media figures very quickly

Obama especially needs to worry about over-exposure because appeal is based so much on excitement.

Francis Shivone said...


Lizzie said...

I think they are giving it away. McCain, when not being irrationally pugnacious, can be very charming and engaging (cf his Daily Show appearances). His maverick persona plays well (especially with groups like the "Casey Democrats", who I just recently learned existed).

Nice call on the '76 primary too. Its often forgotten, but it is a very seminal moment in Democrat politics That conflict has never really been resolved by the Donkeys(although I think we all thought it had been under Bill Clinton).

Lizzie said...

oy, lizzie was logged on to blogger, that above comment is Kenny, btw.

Francis Shivone said...

Kenneth -- Interesting being in PA right now. I agree with you and think there will be substantial numbers of McCain Dems.

Also, I remember where I was when Ted K. gave Jimmy C. the no-look handshake at the Dem convention.

Nothing like that smell of the politics of personal envy in the morning.

Lizzie -- Would you please beam in on the Verizon TV ad post.