Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Mayfest is a relatively recent Fort Worth tradition, recent that is, compared to the Fat Stock Show. Started in 1968, it quickly became a necessary pre-summer activity for families with young children. In the 80's, my wife and I took our children at least once during the four days it is open. Most locals have a Mayfest story of some kind, many with the memory of the 198? hail storm that drove everyone for cover.

Mayfest is a place for local, young performers to have a chance to go on stage, for kids to enjoy rides and for everyone to enjoy fair-type food. If the weather is good (it often isn't) the setting is perfect.

May 1 - 4
Trinity River at University and I30.

$7 entrance fee plus coupons for rides. Discounts tickets are available

Free parking and shuttle from TCU (north of stadium)
$5.00 park and walk at Farrington Field

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Rambler said...

The hailstorm was May 5, 1995.

I lived just west of Trinity Park and lost my roof; also, the car was badly damaged - glass, hood, trunk, and roof.