Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A Collective Yawn?

It's finally settled in. Election year tired-head. When I get it everyone else has had it for weeks or months. I am in Pennsylvania and I can assure you that TV news may be playing up the Democrat debate wars going on here, but the average guy on the street has lost interest.

Someone suggested a few posts ago that Senator Obama runs the risk of over-exposure. Possibly. But it's more likely voter-burnout, than Obama burnout. He did have 22,000 at West Chester State the other day, but it's true that everyone has had just about enough of this fight. It reminds me of a rubarb on a pitcher's mound, it's fun to see the dugouts clear, but at some point we want to get back to the game.

If I were Senator Obama I would continue to stay above the fray, get back into the Senate for a few weeks and act Presidential.

If I were Senator Clinton, I'd keep Bill by my side. He looks good, they look good together and he stands up for those attacking her. Al Gore made a big mistake when he distanced himself from President Clinton. He is liked by the Democrat base. Her negatives are still too high.

Senator McCain just needs to stay in the game until the Democrats settle on a candidate.

But the best thing they can all do is nothing. It's time for a nap.


Andrew said...

I've had tired-head for about 2 weeks now. Especially for Hilary...Obama I can still stand...Is there another candidate? Haven't heard about him for a while.

Francis Shivone said...

My symptoms started this week.