Saturday, April 26, 2008

Boomer Jacks

If you want to watch a game and drink a few beers in a comfortable setting Boomer Jack's is a good choice. I counted no less than 10 big flat- screen TV's in not that big of a restaurant. I also like their indoor/outdoor bar set up. That's pretty cool.

The food?

If I go out for a hamburger I'm probably not going there, if I go out for a salad I'm definitely not going there -- but the appetizer was good and the best prepared dish. We ordered the Jack's Mix, which includes: Boomer chips (batter dipped and fried sliced jalepenos), fried mozzarella cheese and boneless chicken wings in a spicy sauce. All of the appetizer samplings were good to very good. I'd rate my wife's hamburger as fair, at best, and my grilled chicken salad as below average. Chili's is much better.

But I'm not their market. They are appealing to a younger crowd.

It is a great looking place and in a good location in Montgomery Plaza. The Friday lunch was respectably busy but not packed.

Lunch for 4 with an appetizer but no adult beverages was $49.00 plus tip.


Hadji said...

I rolled my eyes when I realized we were getting another "wing joint franchise" in Fort Worth but I was pleasantly surprised the one time I went to BJ's. I didn't think that was a good location or fit for Montgomery Plaza but I guarantee BJ's will be open a heck of a lot longer than that overpriced bait shop across the breezeway. Your comments were pretty accurate although I thought the burger was pretty darn good.

Becca said...

Jake and I also enjoyed the Boomer chips. I really liked the indoor/outdoor bar area and thought it was nice place for a drink and an appetizer.

Francis Shivone said...

I only had a couple bites of the wife's burger. First, it lacked texture, second it was undercooked even if you like it rare, third it was not served hot. A burger needs four things to be good: texture, aroma, heat, and taste of course. Maybe it was a bad day for them. I like the place just not for the burger.

cdees39 said...

I really like their Southwest Chicken Salad and I liked their blue cheese burger (but it is big, split it with someone). I hear the patio is dog friendly.