Monday, March 24, 2008

West 7th Announcements

It's over a year before completion, but the West 7th development is generating a lot of interest with its line up of tenants. One reason: they are not the normal Mall or Big Box Shopping center retailers and restaurants. I like Chili's and Barne's and Noble but Fort Worth is ready for something new. Besides, I keep hoping the shopping trends move back a little towards small and personal, and away from big and impersonal. Wishful thinking, probably. For me, entering the yellow world of Best Buy is sensory overload, driving near the mall makes my palms sweat, and walking into a Gap or Pottery Barn triggers my tired-head switch.

If nothing else, Montgomery Plaza and downtown Fort Worth are attracting more diverse retailers than our suburban cities, as in Southlake.

You have seen the West 7th list in the Star-Telegram probably, but here it is just in case.

Several of these companies are not new to DFW but I have not been to any of them. How about you? Good or bad?

A partial listing:

Fireside Pies -- pizza restaurants
Patrizio's -- Italian restaurant
Tillman's Roadhouse
Brut -- a champagne boutique
Yofe -- a yogurt shop
Paciugo Gelato
Saxby's Coffee
Fort Worth City Market -- gourmet to-go foods. You can also eat prepared foods on site.
Iron Cactus -- Mexican


Stephen said...

Patrizio's is very good. In fact, going there tomorrow night with the good wife. It's in Highland Park Village.

Rambler said...

It's not food, but I think that's the building the 7th Street Barbershop will be in. It's a wonderful (if expensive) place for a cut.

Anonymous said...

Patrizio's is very good - so is Fireside Pies. And I like Pacuigo but it left a big empty space in Irving. Apparently it couldn't maintain it's lease space in a very busy shopping center. I wonder why they think they can make it in Fort Worth (especially with Curly's nearby).

Francis Shivone said...

Didn't Paciugo have the gelato space at Central Market when they first started it?

And the 7th St. Barbershop is certainly a Fort Worth rite of passage.