Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A Plug for the Botanic Garden?

Few cities of any size have an area like our Botanic Gardens. It is a combination of rose garden, walking park, arboretum, Japanese garden, educational center and picnic area. I have enjoyed it every year we have lived here and it improves with each visit.

I can't say I know one butterfly from the next, but I will get out to the Butterflies in the Garden exhibit this March 1 - March 30.


Different subject: If anyone knows why the Trinity River is very low near Beach Street and Gateway Park, let me know.


cwheat said...

Amen to the gardens. About the river. I believe they are doing work upstream/downstream so they shut some valves and let the water level drop. Don't worry, our beautiful underutilized river isn't going anywhere. I believe "West and Clear" had a blog enry about it a week or so back.

Francis Shivone said...

Thanks CW -- I'll check West and Clear, too.

Rambler said...

I went to the Picturing the Bible exhibit at the Kimball today and swung down through the gardens afterwards. There is a new garden just north of the rose circle. It's a boardwalk that crosses over exhibits of native Texas plants. It looks nice, though I didn't have time to stop today.

Hit the Kimball exhibit if you haven't. It's interesting.

Francis Shivone said...

Ranbler -- I have been to the Picturing the Bible and did a post. Great exhibit.
I have also been on the new boardwalk with the grandchildren and am very impressed with what they did.
I'll say it again . . . if you have lived in other large cities, you know Fort Worth has a lot going for it.

Thanks for the comments.

Rambler said...

Yes you did blog on the early Christian art, and I think I read it. But I've slept since then.

It was an interesting experience. A protestant commenter on another blog recently claimed that Catholic devotional art is not consistent with the early Church (as opposed to Eastern icons, which she likes). She was specifically complaining about Sacred Heart imagery. So this was interesting to see that she is quite wrong. Of course I was looking for it, but it strikes me that, even allowing for romantic excesses, the Sacred Heart is closer to early images of Jonah and that interesting 3rd century Good Shepherd - which was eastern (Turkey) to boot than are Orthodox icons.

Francis Shivone said...

Rambler --

A couple of things.

Could you either email or comment on that website you referred to. I'm curious to see their comments on art.

I'm kind of a "ars gratis artis" kind of guy. If it is art it is good, if it's not good, it's not art.

I also think people will do anything to escape the fact that we are the inheritors of a western tradition that is Greek, Jewish, and also Roman. The last one gets 'em.

Anyway, love your comments, thanks.

Rambler said...


It's a long, rambling thread (that should clue you that I am involved) covering a variety of topics.
Katherine (a rather wondeful Anglican woman married to a Catholic) starts it not too far in with a comment on the Sacred Heart. Most of us acknowledge the problem with Catholic schlock, but a few got rather miffed.

Midwest Conservative Journal is Christopher Johnson's blog, focusing mostly on the Anglican mess, but making occasional forays into politics and foreign affairs. If you know anything about Anglican affairs, Christopher's "Meet the Press" posts are a stitch.

Francis Shivone said...

Rambler -- thanks. I'll look at it, and unfortunately, I am up-to-date with all things Anglican.