Thursday, March 6, 2008

. . . mea culpa, mea maxima culpa . . .

Give her her due. Hillary Clinton kept the upbeat attitude going when everyone had her out of the race, including me (I predicted a 6 point victory for Obama in Texas.)

On Tuesday, Senator Clinton made a huge turn in momentum by winning Texas and Ohio. Huge. The numbers are still against her but she probably has stopped the tide of super-delegates jumping on the Obama train.

Can she win? The numbers say almost certainly not, she only netted a 9 delegate gain yesterday, but who knows. We have ourselves a horse race, and I love it.

There is talk now that the Democrats should put a dream team together of Obama-Clinton, a great idea but who gets the top spot?

A Republican's Plight

As a Republican I can honestly say that I get the appeal of Senator Obama, and I get the appeal of Senator Edwards. But Senator Clinton is another issue.

I'm not a misogynist. I liked Maggie Thatcher and Mother Theresa. I like Condi Rice. I kind of even like Oprah. I love my mother, my sister and my wife. But I don't get Mrs. Clinton, not just her policies, her demeanor grates on me like bad Jerry Lewis jokes. If she wins I'm in big trouble.

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Rambler said...

And not just you will be in trouble. She will appoint reliably pro-choice judges and withdraw from Iraq in a manner normally called "surrender". As will Obama.

I don't mean to get too political here, but the number of dead babies, dead Iraqis, and dead Americans, when an emboldened al queda resumes their assaults on our own land... add the numbers of the dead and then consider James Dobson and people like him who plan to remain silent because they don't like McCain.