Monday, March 10, 2008

The Best Pizza in Fort Worth

When you go to the same restaurant for 25 years it says something. That you like the food, obviously, and the service and general atmosphere, but also that you like what that place adds to your life. Years later, if your children continue the tradition, you know it must be alright. Last Saturday night, my 26 year old son told us that he was on his way to get pizza for himself and a few friends. I didn't have to ask where.

Charlies Pizza in east Fort Worth was as much a part of raising my family as little league or church. Saturday night was pizza night and pizza was always Charlies. One doesn't go to a restaurant for that long unless it is good -- and Charlies is good.

Owner Charlie Langdon started his Italian and Pizza restaurant over 30 years ago. He moved twice during that time, all within east Fort Worth, and we always moved with him.

Charlies is New York style thin crust pizza. I like it when it is slightly overcooked and very crispy.

One last thing, the dessert pies are made there in his kitchen by Lora. She came over to Charlies after Eden's closed. I think they are the best pies I have ever eaten. Our favorites: Coconut Icebox and Chocolate Dream.

Charlies Pizza
2220 Handley Drive
Fort Worth, Texas

April, 2011 Editor update: Charlies Pizza is closed. For more pizza in Fort Worth see the sidebar, "Restaurants, pizza." Or search for "pizza" is the search field area.


Andrew said...

I knew you had a son who is 28 and one who is 25...which one is 26???

Francis Shivone said...

Sorry, but don't feel bad, I forgot my own age yesterday. Love, dad.

Taco This said...

I grew up eating at Charlie's. I remember my first day at EHHS in the early '80s. Freshman were not allowed to leave campus for lunch, but of course I ened up eating lunch there with half the Freshman clas.