Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Well . . I See We're Getting Acquainted . . .

For those of us who consider these political debates sport, it's been a fun few weeks. I and a lot of other amateur pundits considered Hillary a coast-in certainty and it appears that I was wrong. The ripple that was Mr. Obama has become one of those very big Hawaiian surfing waves.

Last week, Senator Obama had 17,000 people show for one of his rallys. 17,000. And he gets those kind of big crowds everywhere he goes. Mrs. Clinton is obviously shaken. She can't gen-up that kind of enthusiasm, and presidential politics is not about rational, calm, reflection, it's about what Senator Obama has. As Chris Matthews (MSNBC) said in response to Obama's audience and his speech, "that's show-biz."

Now, it's still a long way to November. In the next 3 weeks if Hillary doesn't go negative she will have resigned herself to a VP position which will have been agreed upon behind closed doors with the Obama campaign. If she goes scorched earth, the VP is out. I say she'll go on the offensive. This woman wants to be President.

Republicans don't have as much excitement right now. McCain was dead in the water. Almost overnight, he wins or is winning handily. That's presidential politics, it changes very quickly.

Final comment. I was ready to give the Dems this election, but I keep hearing Independents and some Democrats talking about supporting McCain. Interesting. On the other hand, I hear some Republicans talking about Obama. But I think McCain can win this.

(The headline is from the movie, The Producers, spoken by Carmen Ghia to his flirting boyfriend)


Andrew said...

Are you kiddin' me? The minute Mccain gets on the same stage as Obama he is toast! It's JFK v. Nixon all over again! Mccain looked old standing next to Fred Thompson for goodness sake!

Francis Shivone said...

Don't be so sure. McCain is turning his age into a asset. I agree, B. Obama has a little of the JFK in him, but he is relatively untested and he won't maintain this level of crowd enthusiasm. He is setting a high standard for himself and every word he is speaking is being vetted by very cantankerous Republican consultants and a media that love to turn on those they elevate.