Thursday, February 28, 2008

She Just Doesn't Get It.

Cartoon by MSNBC's Daryl Cagle
I have said for at least 2 years that Hillary Clinton would win the Presidential election in November, 2008. Over the last 2-3 weeks I have realized that I am probably going to be wrong. I am surprised by her performance. Neither she or anyone else could have predicted Senator Obama's popularity, but she has responded poorly and her response has been her demise.

"The medium is the message."
Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man / Marshall McLuhan / 1964

Point: Television, to borrow a phrase from Marshall McLuhan's book, is a cool medium. It requires the participant to engage himself, not just in the words heard but in the manner in which those words are presented. It is visual first. Going back to the Nixon/Kennedy debates, critics have realized that the perception of confidence and wisdom is communicated through more than words. Hand movements, hair styles, height, voice inflection, laughs, demeanor, and of course, President Nixon's 5 o'clock shadow create strong, lasting impressions.

Mrs. Clinton and her advisers are not getting it. She continues to whine away at Barack Obama, the media, the Bushes, Republicans and everyone one else who doesn't recognize her divine right to the presidency. Last night's blast at the fact that she got too many "first questions" was a huge mistake and only hurt her. She gained nothing from it. Senator Obama is just sitting there watching Hillary bury herself. Or as the cartoonist shows, standing there watching as she overshoots the mark. Whoever is advising her should be fired immediately. I'm not the only one saying this, even her supporters on the TV newscasts are suggesting she go back to her strengths and start acting presidential.

I'm a Republican. I want her to win the Democratic primary because right now Senator Obama looks unstoppable. But her only chance is to forget her opponent and to attempt to frame the debate around her strengths.

Tomorrow: Senator Obama looks unstoppable now, but . . .

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