Friday, February 1, 2008

Super Bowl 2011 -- in Arlington (I love saying that)

You don't have to like football or sports in general to be impressed with the progress of the new Dallas Cowboy's Stadium in Arlington. The Star-Telegram's website today highlighted the stadium and area as related to the coming 2011 SuperBowl. It's worth a look (make sure you click the "see stadium details" link).

I happen to like buildings, architecture and sports so it's enjoyable for me to watch and follow.
When the SuperBowl arrives in 2011, Fort Worth will be ready with new hotels, boulevards and maybe even a train from the airport south and west (then again, maybe not). Grapevine's Gaylord Resort will get a big boost as will our Convention Center. Dallas and Fort Worth will get a lot of tourism dollars. Personally, I can't wait.

In like news: Dallas - Fort Worth ranks No. 6 in fastest growing large metro areas according to Forbes magazine and reported in Yahoo news. Projected growth for 5 years: 20 %. Austin was No. 1 at 32%. If that gets a big "so what" from you remember, property values climb the same way anything else increases in value: high demand, short supply = prices up. low demand, big supply = prices down. Cleveland and Detroit have the latter.

Fort Worth has the infrastructure, available land, natural resources, and drive to be a growing, prosperous city. I hope we can also maintain a certain virtue, a small town attitude and that common sense disposition of fairness to its residents and visitors, without which monetary wealth is of little value.

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