Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Right Way to Make Scrambled Eggs

I have been cooking breakfast for "lo these many years" and it was just last year that I learned the right way to make scrambled eggs. It was Christmas morning, I think, I was getting ready to make the breakfast eggs and my daughter, who is all things Food Network, said, "dad, turn the heat down low and they'll taste better." I did and they did.

Add butter to a warm pan, let the butter bubbles burn off, then crack the eggs directly into the pan. Slowly cook and occasionally scramble. When they are done they will be moist, not a uniform color, meaning not perfectly scrambled. Turn the heat off just before they are done so that they will not over cook in the pan. Salt to taste while cooking. I don't add milk or water to my scrambled eggs. For a change I fry onions and chopped peppers, saute', add the eggs, slow cook and just before they are done add a few chopped tomatoes.

For the tastiest eggs, get home-grown or free range. When my daughter was young I had 6 or so chickens in our Fort Worth backyard and even though every so often I would find them grazing in the neighbor's front yard, it was worth it, the eggs were much more flavorful and colorful than store bought.


Rambler said...

Strips of corn tortillas make a nice addition with the onions,peppers, and tomatoes. With cheese on top (optional, thank you), you can call them "Migas" although that apparently means "ants" in Spanish. I learned that when I offered some to a young boy I worked with in residential care. The look on his face stays with me 30 years later.

Benitos on West Mag used to have Migas on the menu, but they are really easy to fix at home and go well with beans and salsa.

Francis Shivone said...

Couldn't agree with you more. Eggs, corn and beans combine many tastes and textures that work together well. That's another breakfast-anytime-of-day meal. Of course, in the summer I refuse to eat eggs without homemade salsa.