Thursday, January 24, 2008

In the News: Some Things are Just Cool.

You think you're SUV is killing you at the pump? Try fueling up a cross-Atlantic cargo ship. About 50,000 gallons a stop. The high price of fuel got cargo guys thinking of a way to save a couple of bucks, or Euros in this case.

So, some ingenious fellow decided to add a large para-sail to the bow of the cargo ship. Then add 100 yards or so of line, allowing the sail to rise to where the winds are stronger and steadier, and then let mother nature take over. Voila, wind power. I love the simplicity, economics and the aesthetics.

Fuel savings: 15 - 30 %.
Investment payback: 3 years

By the way, 65% of the USA consumed goods are moved by cargo ship.

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